Weather Wrong, Vibes Right

Calabash Tea

I absolutely hate the cold! I was born in the winter and have lived in this area for all of my life and as I have gotten older, my discontent for cold weather has grown exponentially. Traveling to warmer climates during the winter season has spoiled me a bit, so I've been reluctant to step out in this weather.

Getting past our areas of comfort is what is important. I've been consistently pushing myself to break through this comfort space and still be at events in the cold. But it's hard. It's called comfort for a reason. We enjoy these spaces and find peace in these spaces but success never came from a place of contentment. We gain so much more from being uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is what stretches us to limits beyond what we even expect of ourselves. It's this level of pressure that creates the best work or as the saying goes, creates diamonds. Sitting in coffee shops, being around other creatives & visiting bookstores, all these things have kept my mind on collective energy rather than solitude. It is this small change that has helped craft some of my favorite new concepts for work. New Amazing projects coming soon - shameless plug. At the end of the day, finding ways to stay creative, to collaborate and take in everyday life while still sharpening yourself is a major key for creatives. It is through this process that we find our greatest journeys.

As much as I'm looking forward to the day where I look out my window and see [Black] people outside in short sleeves, I'm embracing this cold as best I can and finding ways to create through it.

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