Operation Consent

This project was important to me for many reasons but the most important is the fact that at this time, women hadn't yet taken the stance of resistance to societal norms that they have Post-Trump. Sexual Harassment, Sexual Abuse and Rape Culture are categorized separately but the real line in the sand is a bit more blurred. For too long men have taken advantage of women and in the past, women were forced by society to accept it. This project was able to shed light on the topic of Rape Culture but also marked a moment in time where the shift of power was beginning to take place, from women being forced to the background to now where women are standing in the forefront.


Project Semicolon

Society has long struggled with the taboo topic of suicide but it seems that our generation has increased the rate suicide of tremendously. This project was an attempt to shed light on this topic, being something that I noticed happening too often. Being that I had a friend commit suicide and have been around others that have also done so, it was important to me to tackle this subject.