The art of concert photography is an often misunderstood one. At it's core, concert photography is similar to event photography but it still has it's own unique differences.  Concert photography combines three elements that make it great: the ambiance and energy of the venue, the artist as seen performing and the emotion the subject conveys to the audience. These three elements complete the story, giving each viewer the opportunity to fully engulf themselves as if they were still in the venue.


The ambiance is typically conveyed by capturing the landscape of the moment. What is the environment saying and how does this story compliment the artist.

The Artist

Capturing the artist is always the main focus. Paying attention to the space that the artist occupies on stage and what message that space plays in the overall story is key.


Capturing emotion is just that. Emotion plays a major role in any story, especially when artists are passionate about their music and their fans; if it's real, it will show.