BrandNew - Enbois by Maxim

This new series, BRAND New, will highlight new product from different brands that have seen what we do and allow us to create some amazing visuals using their brands. 

First, we introduce Enbois, a hand-crafted wooden jewelry company created by Maxim Thuriere . Enbois is a company based around the idea that helping others in need is essential to our progression as human beings. Every order sold online goes to improve the environment, educational opportunities and distance learning programs in South Haiti. Enbois works in association with HRDF (Haitian Resource Development Foundation) to continue to help Haiti. Maxim enstills this level of empowerment metaphorically into his wooden products that continue to be both eye-catching and sleek in a manor that reflect his ideals as a person. Brands like these are what our future society will be based upon if we want to survive on this earth. Helping others and living in coexistence with the planet is how the human race and all living beings on the planet will thrive. 

To look more into his brand, follow Enbois at @enboisbymaxim on Instagram and stay tuned for our next feature of Brand New.

Written & Photos provided by: Yogi