In correlation with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday festivities, Myster held's it's own post-Thanksgiving celebration and called it Green Seederday. They opened their shop on Georgia Avenue to DC residents where they sold Myster product and gave away their local marijuana strain, Mumbo Sauce. If you know anything about the DMV then you know that Mumbo Sauce is the resident sauce at each and every carryout around the area, so this was exciting news to us as locals. This whole situation has been a surreal experience. To watch marijuana go from heavily prosecuted in the area to a plethora of events like this being held in the city is amazing.We aren't completely out of the fire yet being that it is still illegal on a Federal level but at the same time, it's more than a step in the right direction.

No word yet on how it smokes, it's taste or whether it will replace OG and SOur Diesel as area favorites but wouldn't that be something. I, for one, hope that Mumbo Sauce becomes a regional favorite just as Girl Scout Cookies has become for the Bay, LA Confidential in Amsterdam, etc.

Special thanks to people like Lee, Let's Grow DC, DC Norml, Phone Homie, The New Deal & all other people involved in the culture that are making this experience memorable. DC is beginning to feel like the 70s while in certain events. Let's continue to grow and change the area for the better. With marijuana as our common ground, let's break down this race barrier that has kept the DMV so separate for so long.

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