Teyana Taylor at Filmore Silver Spring

When I first received news that Datstaken had received 2 photo passes for Teyana Taylor at Filmore, I was a little indifferent to the idea. I had only heard her music through her G.O.O.D Music affiliates (Cruel Summer & Maybe feat. Pusha T) so I was unsure of what to expect so I Youtube a couple of her videos. I'm going to start by saying if you've never seen any of Teyana's visuals for her music, open a new tab, pull up Youtube & go to her Vevo page (RTS recommended). 

Now it's showtime. Doors open when we walk in there are 3 women on stage, dressed in all white & demanding the crowd's attention. They call themselves Main Girl. The trio covered songs ranging from TLC to En Vogue to a plethora of other nostalgic hits and killed them all. Their vibe was dope, their voices hit you in your chest when you listen & meting them after they got off stage, they were pretty cool in that realm too.

The next performer was Patrice Live! whom I had heard before at The Syce Series. I knew to expect deep, soulful, emotion-filled music with high notes that'll send chills up your spine. I must say, I was not disappointed and judging from the crowd's reaction, neither were they. 

At this point the wait for Teyana was pacified by dope opening acts that I wouldn't mind listening to on their own but we all knew why we were there. The lights got dim. The crowd got quiet. I know this feeling, the feeling that it's showtime. I rush to get down to the pit to see that it's already packed with people so already I know I have to make due with what little space I had in the corner. Luckily somebody stepped out to go to the bathroom in prime position, center stage. I was feeling the universal energy looking out for me the whole day but this was the PLUG. A man comes out and introduces Teyana and the crowd goes wild. Screams. Shouts. I love you's filling the venue and here comes Teyana channeling the essence of the late, great King of Pop. 

You know what, I'll just let the pics speak for themselves....

Thanks to the Filmore for having us.

And special thanks to the homies over at The Everyday Weekend for hooking us up with the passes.