BrandNew - a Brand in DC

This new series, BRAND New, will highlight new product from different brands that have seen what we do and allow us to create some amazing visuals using their brands.

Model: Brian Saunders

Streetwear in DC has been a staple (no pun intended) since Commonwealth first opened and Wale started to rap about the lifestyle surrounding it; with that, came a lot of brands that have since met their demise (R.I.P Yacht Club). But there have been a few that remain ingrained in the lining of DC culture. Meet a Brand in DC, formerly known by Borgata DC, a brand that aims to represent DC for it's history. There are brands that try to stay up with what's trendy and cool, then there are brands that stay true to themselves, their interests and their overall mission to bring their unique perspective to the forefront and this is where the homies at BDC stand at attention. 

Originally starting in 2011 and making waves amongst the who's who of the city, BDC has always kept true to their core, delivering you a piece of what DC has done and seen throughout the years. After taking a brief hiatus to regather the troops, they have re-entered the scene waving the DC flag once again. For example, take this season's "District Football Top" and the "Dumb and Dumber tee", two designs that speak directly to DC history. The "Dumb and Dumber tee" is a parody on one of the biggest joke's in political history, the Bush/Cheney campaign poster from 04 and the District jersey is a flip on DC's infamous punk label from the 80's, Dischord Records (managing the likes of Bad Brains, Fugazi & Minor Threat, etc).

BDC aims to separate themselves from the pack by delivering hand dipped, hand printed and hand sewn product that gives their apparel more of an edge. The attention to detail on their Dip Dyed 6-Pannel caps, the Waving Flag beanie and the patch on the Washington Posted hoodie speak to their level of dedication to ensuring that they deliver a quality product. Not to mention the fact that they are also selling a tote bag to go along with the Washington Posted hoodie.

For more products and updates on releases, check out BDC's full Lookbook over on their site. I had the pleasure of shooting it all and was able to establish a great relationship with the homies behind the scenes. They definitely have their brand in order and are ready to establish themselves globally. Stay tuned for more dopeness to come. 

Juan Sarabia (Creative Dir.) - @pmajay
Alejandro Castenada (Graphics) - @drogata
John Crye (Model) - @john_crye
Brian Saunders (Model) - @jvstbee
Photos shot & story written by Yogi - @irespectheshooter